5-year Highly Cited Paper Award for a BTAS 2010 paper

Cell phone-based biometric identification

Jennifer R. Kwapisz (Fordham University, USA)

Gary M. Weiss (Fordham University, USA)

Samuel A. Moore (Fordham University, USA)

Hoyos Best Paper Award (Gold)

Assessment of Iris Recognition Reliability for Eyes Affected by Ocular Pathologies

Mateusz Trokielewicz (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland)

Adam Czajka (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland)

Piotr Maciejewicz (Medical University of Warsaw, Poland)

Hoyos Best Paper Award (Silver)

Pokerface: Partial Order Keeping and Energy Repressing Method for Extreme Face Illumination Normalization

Felix Juefei-Xu (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

Marios Savvides (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

Hoyos Best Paper Award (Bronze)

Attribute-based Continuous User Authentication on Mobile Devices

Pouya Samangouei (University of Maryland, USA)

Vishal Patel (University of Maryland, USA)

Rama Chellappa (University of Maryland, USA)

Best Voted Poster Award (Day 1)

A Deep Pyramid Deformable Part Model for Face Detection

Rajeev Ranjan (University of Maryland, USA)

Vishal M. Patel (University of Maryland, USA)

Rama Chellappa (University of Maryland, USA)

Best Voted Poster Award (Day 2)

A Leap Password based Verification System

Aman Chahar (IIIT Delhi, India)

Shivangi Yadav (IIIT Delhi, India)

Ishan Nigam (IIIT Delhi, India)

Richa Singh (IIIT Delhi, India)

Mayank Vatsa (IIIT Delhi, India)

Sclera Segmentation Benchmarking Competition 2015

Petru Radu (University of Reading, UK)

James Ferryman (University of Reading, UK)

Biometrics via Eye Movements (BioEye 2015)

Anjith George (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India)

Liveness Detection Competition-Fingerprint (LivDet Fingerprint 2015)

Rodrigo Frassetto Noguerira (New York University, USA)

Roberto A. Lotufo (State University of Campinas, Brazil)

Rubens Campos Machado (Center for Information Technology Renato Archer, Brazil)



7th IEEE International Conference on
Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems 
(BTAS 2015)
September 8 - 11, 2015